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October 2, 2022

Here are this week’s updates and reminders.

Parent-teacher conferences: As a reminder, annual parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday and Friday, October 6 and October 7. These are non-student days. Scheduling information has been shared by your school sites.

Calendar survey: The joint calendar committee of the Escondido Union School District and Escondido Union High School District has started the process for the development of calendars for upcoming school years. An essential component of this process is a calendar survey, which is now open. The committee includes stakeholders from both districts, and works to establish a common school calendar that provides consistency, maximizes academic success, minimizes absences of both students and staff members, and meets the needs of the families served by both districts. As the committee members build the calendars, they consider several factors and goals:

  • Applying input from all stakeholders, especially families, to create a common calendar for use in both districts.

  • Creating calendars that support student learning throughout the entire school year and maximize student achievement.

  • Following the employee contracts as well as county and state requirements for employee work schedules.

  • Aligning natural breaks between the school calendar and holidays.

  • Ending the first semester before the holiday break in December.

  • Professional development needs.

  • Minimizing absences.

Input from all parents, guardians, and employees is a valuable part of the calendar development process. Please take a few minutes to complete the brief survey by October 10. The committee will review survey results October 21.

– Luis Rankins-Ibarra, Superintendent of Schools