Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten Language Arts

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TK & K eBooks


Small Group


  1. A Day with Uncle Ted (PDF)

  2. A Party for Rabbit (ePub)

  3. A Party for Rabbit (PDF)

  4. A Plant Has Parts

  5. A Week of Weather

  6. All Kinds of Weather

  7. All Weather Is Fun!

  8. Animal Colors

  9. Animal Homes

  10. Animal Treats

  11. At the Birthday Party

  12. At the Pond


  1. Baa Baa Black Sheep Sells Her Wool

  2. Birthday Parties


  1. Can We Have a Pet

  2. Clock Watch

  3. Clothes

  4. Costume Party


  1. Day Camp

  2. Do We Need It Do We Want It


  1. Eating Well


  1. Families Have Rules

  2. Frank in a Tank


  1. Going Bananas for Apples

  2. Goldilocks and Three Bears

  3. Good Citizens Can Help


  1. Hat Day at the Zoo

  2. Hickory Dickory Dock

  3. How Animals Move


  1. I Follow Rules at School

  2. I Have Seeds (PDF)

  3. I Like by Ned Jensen

  4. I Like by Karen Wilkens


  1. Jack Be Nimble

  2. Jin and Pedro Get to Work

  3. Jin and Pedro Celebrate

  4. Jobs at School

  5. Jobs in a Community

  6. Jobs in a Community (PDF)

  7. Jumping Monkeys


  1. King Midas's Gold


  1. Let's Go

  2. Let's Look Outside

  3. Life With Our Sun (ePub)

  4. Life With Our Sun (PDF)

  5. Little Cat Goes Fast

  6. Look at it Go!

  7. Look at the Animals

  8. Looking at the Sky


  1. Magnets

  2. Making a House

  3. Mary's Lamb

  4. Meet the Three Bears

  5. Mouse and Lion

  6. Moving to California (PDF)

  7. My Backpack

  8. My Balloon Adventure (PDF)

  9. My Bird-Watching Journal

  10. My Book

  11. My Day in the Capital

  12. My New Clothes

  13. My Red Balloon (PDF)

  14. My Weather Log


  1. Needs and Wants

  2. Needs and Wants (PDF)


  1. Old and New

  2. On the Playground

  3. One Raining, Pouring Morning


  1. Party Time With Old King Cole

  2. People at School

  3. People Use Tools

  4. Peter and the Wolf

  5. Plants Grow

  6. Playing Sports


  1. Rainy Day Sunny Day

  2. Rikki Tikki Tavi

  3. Rainy Day, Sunny Day (PDF)


  1. Sam Can't Sleep

  2. Sam Sleeps

  3. Saturday with Dad

  4. Schools Then Now

  5. Stone Soup

  6. Stone Soup


  1. Technology Brings Us Together

  2. Thanksgiving Then and Now

  3. The Ant and Grasshopper

  4. The Ant and the Grasshopper Reader's Theater

  5. The Best Thanksgiving Ever (ePub)

  6. The Best Thanksgiving Ever (PDF)

  7. The Best Things in Nature Are Blue

  8. The Blind Man and Elephant

  9. The Crow and the Pitcher

  10. The Elves and the Shoemaker

  11. The Enormous Turnip

  12. The Flag

  13. The Fox and the Crow

  14. The Giant Turnip

  15. The Old Gray Mare

  16. The Seasons

  17. The Seasons (PDF)

  18. The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf

  19. The Three Tates

  20. The Yard Sale

  21. Tim Rows a Boat Gently Down The Stream

  22. Tim's Trip

  23. Tortoise and Hare Run a Race

  24. Two Owls in Paris


  1. Up and Down the Hill

  2. Using Magnets


  1. Yes, Cubs! (PDF)


  1. We Fish

  2. WE Need Clean Water (PDF)

  3. What Is Slow What Is Fast

  4. What Plants Need (PDF)

  5. Why the Sea is Salty

  6. Wishing With Pennies

Whole Group

Review & Routines

My Shared Readings

Shared Readings

Mentor Read-Alouds

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

Unit 7

Let's Celebrate Earth Day

People We Celebrate

These Are the Best Ways to Celebrate Holidays

Unit 8

One Snowy Day

Weather and the Seasons

Plants are Living Things

More PDF Selections

Unit 9

Munching Millie

Our Needs and Wants

More PDF Selections

Unit 10


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