PowerSchool for Parents

General Questions

  1. What is PowerSchool?
    PowerSchool is our student information system. It allows us to manage information such as grades, attendance, demographics, courses, etc. Since PowerSchool is web-based, some of this information can be easily but safely shared with parents and students.

  2. Do I need a separate login for each of my children?
    Yes, you will receive a unique login for each child.

  3. Is this system secure?
    The system is very secure (and is the reason you have individual logins for each child).

  4. How do I get more help?
    Aside from the resources found on this page, you should contact your student’s school office with questions regarding the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

  5. What can I see inside the PowerSchool portal?
    Parents can access the following information: Grades for current classes, attendance for the past two weeks or the whole trimester, teachers comments, email access to teachers, various reports via email, and the school bulletin (not all schools use the bulletin feature yet).

  6. What do P1, T1, P2, T2, P3, and T3 stand for?

    • P1, P2, and P3 are progress reports, and there is one progress report per trimester. Each progress report is issued about six weeks into the current trimester.

    • T1, T2, and T3 are report cards, and there is one report card per trimester. Each report card is issued at the end of, or about 12 weeks into, the current trimester.