Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)

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  What is P-EBT?

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer, or P-EBT, is a federal program designed to give eligible families with children extra money for groceries.

P-EBT cards are accepted at most grocery stores, farmers markets, and online food retailers.

No downside to using PEBT

There are no downsides to using P-EBT.

It doesn’t affect your immigration status, other food benefits, or taxed income.

It’s just extra money for food to help families during an extra hard time.

Families Benefit w/ PEBT

Keeping kids healthy and well fed during the pandemic can feel tough on a tight budget.

P-EBT gives families with children a little extra help.

Young children ages 0–6 and school-aged children who qualify will automatically receive P-EBT 3.0 cards in the mail.

Check the mail

Every eligible child gets a P-EBT 3.0 food benefits card.

Cards are mailed out in groups based on age and first name. Children ages 0–6 will start getting cards in October.

Cards for school-aged children will be mailed starting in November.