Adobe Express for iPadOS

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What is Adobe Express?

Escondido Union School District teachers can use their Google Workspace for Education (Google) account to sign up for a free classroom account allowing them to access and moderate student projects in progress, manage student accounts and create separate classrooms to stay organized.

Adobe Express for Education is a great creative tool for students allowing them to design stunning presentations, images, animations, web pages, videos, and more. Adobe Express for Education is template-based, meaning students can modify professionally created templates to showcase their projects and learning. In addition, Adobe Express offers image and video safe search, as well as being COPPA compliant.  

Adobe Express is integrated with Google Classroom, allowing you to manage student projects with ease. You can assign and collect projects right inside Google Classroom.

How to log in on iPad?

  1. Go to Self-Service and download the Adobe Express app.

  2. Open App on the iPad.

  3. Select “Continue with Google”

  4. If you get a pop up window that says “Adobe Express Wants to Use to Sign In” select “continue.

  5. Select your school Google Account or enter your School Google login information.

    • Students:

      1. Username:

      2. Password: 4-digit code twice 12341234

    • Teachers: 

      1. Enter your Google 

      2. You may need to use Duo for the two-step authentication

  6. The next step asks you to “Choose an account for.” Be sure to select “Enterprise ID Company or School Account.

Note: Both teachers and students can also access their Adobe Express account on a laptop or through the web browser.

Animate with Adobe

This is currently in beta, but you can access this link through Safari in order to create simple animations.

Animate with Adobe Link