Student holding hands


Escondido is a diverse community, and EUSD proudly reflects that diversity. In fact, it’s one of our greatest strengths.

EUSD’s students, parents, teachers, and staff come from all walks of life. That means your child will have the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives and life experiences. As a result, they’ll be more prepared for the real world than their peers in less-diverse schools and communities. In particular, it means your child will be more likely to succeed in their eventual career.

According to a study commissioned by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), a whopping 96% of employers rank being “comfortable working with colleagues, customers, and/or clients from diverse cultural backgrounds” as an important trait they look for in employees and future hires, with 63% ranking it as very important. In a different AACU top-ten list, “the ability to work well in teams — especially with people different from yourself” was listed as the #1 quality employers look for in college graduates.

Bottom line: If you choose EUSD for your child, you’ll be setting them up for maximum future success in our increasingly global economy and diverse workforce.