RBO — Relationship by Objectives

The RBO Steering Committee was formed as a result of an agreement in the district’s action plan and consists of the district superintendent and the presidents of the Escondido Elementary Educators Association and the EUSD chapter of the California School Employees’ Association. It is a representative team of classified, certificated, and administrative staff from several school sites and district office staff. It was formed to explore new strategies of decision-making at worksites as a result of work climate surveys and communication studies.


The purpose of the RBO Site Committee shall be to use Shared Decision Making as a joint venture to promote communication, strategic planning, and problem solving so that every employee will have access to a working environment that engenders trust.


The goal of the RBO Site Committee is to build better working relationships for all employees of the Escondido Union School District through the philosophy of Shared Decision Making.


The RBO Site Committee will consist of the principal or administrator and the appropriate number of representatives appointed by the presidents of the EEEA and CSEA, as determined by the RBO Steering Committee.

Length of Commitment

The length of commitment will be two years with appropriate training.

Decision Making Process

All business items requiring action shall be resolved by consensus. The committee is encouraged to use the Interest Based Problem Solving process and Shared Decision Making strategies to reach consensus.

Definition of Consensus

Decisions by the RBO Site Committee shall be made by consensus. Consensus is when the group reaches a conclusion, which blends the best ideas into a decision that everyone in the group can support. If consensus is not met, the item will be referred to the RBO Steering Committee for revisions.