Story Board

Storyboards and Shot Lists (Logs)

  1. Tamara's Handouts 

  2. Video Project Masters—Job badges, job descriptions, etc.

  3. How and why of storyboarding—real examples from films you know.

  4. Storyboard 1 (PDF)

  5. Sample of Above Storyboard 1 (PDF)

  6. Storyboard 2 (PDF)

  7. Sample of Above Storyboard 2 (PDF)

  8. AFI Storyboard (PDF)

  9. Storyboard Template editable in Pages (Tip: Need another page? Select the page you want to duplicate in the Page Thumbnails [View > Show Page Thumbnails] and choose Command-D). Benefits: legible, more words per space, editable.

  10. Shotlist

  11. AFI Storyboard Glossary (PDF)

  12. iMovie Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

  13. Work Fast in iMovie

  14. iMovie X (and iPad) Trailer Storyboard Templates—Use these to plan a trailer before going to iMovie X to make it (originally from Timothy Jefferson)


  1. Good Readers and  Making of Good Readers (WM Player file) by April Payne (Poway USD)

  2. You Be the Producer— Cool PBS site on filmmaking for kids; good stuff.

  3. VideoUniversity Free Library—Great articles on all things video.

  4. Ron—A lot of free advice from someone in the business for 40 years.

  5. CyberCollege TV production—an exhaustive "course" of all things rrelated to TV production.

  6. Creative Commons - source of copyright friendly audio/video clips

  7. VTC (for iMovie and more) - iLife 09 (scroll to iMovie) ask TRT or Ext 150 for login info

  8. Audio - EUSD Pre-production Audio - Basic tips, list of mics for checkout, and resources 

  9. GUHSD Digital Video in Education

  10. Resizing Images—Whether for print, email, video, or the web, you should know this.

  11. Open Video Project

  12. Left Foot Right FootVideo Rubrics and more

  13. Media College—Free tutorials on all things media (including video)

  14. Storyboard and Script Rubric—a useful tool to use with your students (from

  15. Current.com—Learn how to produce your videos; well done

  16. AFI Storyboard Glossary—Very useful way to learn all the angles.

  17. What Constitutes a Student-made video?—Read the text at the bottom of the page.

  18. Find Movie Clips—This page has 3 cool places you can use search tools to find movie clips based on topic, mood, genre etc. Definite need for teacher supervision.

  19. Tamara's PSA Puzzle Pieces (front and back)

  20. Pixar's Storyboarding Process