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Project LIVE Master Classes

If you're interested, sign up for any/all of these classes. They will be a bit more in depth than what we do at meetings because there's only one thing on the agenda. In all of them, you'll be creating something. These classes are above and beyond the regular PL meetings. You will not be paid for attendance, they are totally optional. All classes are at the District Office in the Pine Room from 3:30-5:30.

  1. Master Class #1: Using Multicam in Final Cut Pro X. October 17. In this class, you will learn how to use Multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X. This means you can use 2 or 3 cameras to video (e.g. cut between wide, medium, and closeup). We'll shoot and edit a brief piece using 3 cameras. One of the most touted features of FCP X. Watch a tutorial here.

  2. Master Class #2: Motion Project with 3D, Drop Zones, and lighting. Note: this class is in the Maple Room, not Pine. November 28. Here's what the finished product looks like. We start with a blank canvas and only use resources already in Motion. The pictures are Drop Zones, so you can use any pictures (or even video) that you want when you're done. See notes here. Get 5-picture Motion Project here (goes in Movies > Motion Templates > Generators > My Generators [optional])

  3. Master Class #3: Color Correction in Final Cut Pro XJanuary 23. Some simple color correction can make a BIG difference in the look of any project. See an example here.

  4. Master Class #4: Color Correction in FCP X March 13. Maple Room. This will be a duplicate of Master Class #3 because it's a very important subject.

Video tutorial request

Wish you knew how to accomplish something, but you can't find the answer? Request having a video tutorial made.

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