Bond Program Details

What is Proposition E?

Proposition E is a $182.1 million bond measure approved by Escondido voters in November 2014 to fund facilities, safety, and technology infrastructure modernization projects in the K-8 Escondido Union School District. Proposition E ensures that every EUSD student continues to receive a high-quality education in innovative, safe, modern environments.

Why did we ask for a bond?

In 2014, Lord Architecture conducted a facility-needs assessment for EUSD, determining $340.8 million in facilities work was needed. That assessment then was refined to identify the highest critical needs, totaling $182.1 million.

 The proceeds of the Bonds are intended to be used to:

  • Repair or replace outdated classrooms and school buildings with safe, modernized facilities

  • Improve student safety and campus security

  • Keep technology infrastructure up to date in K-8 classrooms, science labs, libraries, and computer systems

  • Acquire, construct, repair classrooms, sites and equipment

  • Provide all students with access to the education, facilities, and technology needed to succeed in high school, college, and beyond

An extensive needs assessment was conducted to determine which schools and projects would be the greatest priority. The goal of the district is to provide equitable facilities for all students within the district. Ten (10) Bond Projects were identified as top priority, and these projects are in Series A of the bond utilizing $62 Million.

In order to complete the identified priority projects, the District will utilize a number of funding sources including:

  • Proposition E Bond Proceeds

  • Interest Earnings

  • State Matching Grants.