Got Health! - About Us


The EUSD Wellness Committee began October 19, 2011. The initial start-up committee was comprised of representatives from each employee group, which included EEEA, CSEA, Management, Confidential and Supervisory. Site Wellness Champions now represent each of these employee groups in our continuing program.

The committee has on-going support from representatives from Gallagher and Associates (EUSD Insurance Consultant), VEBA, United Health Care and Kaiser Permanente. The Wellness Committee Chairpersons are Debbie Batchie -- Personnel Analyst, Anna Clark -- Certificated Teacher and Kimberly Israel -- Coordinator Community Outreach. In addition, each site has a Wellness Champion who informs staff about upcoming events, assists with coordinating activities and distributes information.


Debbie Batchie - Personnel Analyst (CGED) Anna Clark - NETS Mentor (CGED)

Kimberly Israel - Coordinator Community Outreach

** - Director Nutrition Services

Ivette Robinson- Gallager Representative

Ibis Rodriguez - Kaiser Representative

David Luke - United Health Care

April Matsch - VEBA Advocacy Program


Bear Valley - C. Griffiths

Bernardo -

Central - A. Ricards, B. Bernstein

Conway - D. Sellier

Del Dios - N. Smith

District - D. Batchie, A. Clark

Farr - C. Ulloa

Felicita - S. Esperza, M. Hranck

Glen View - B. Basa, C. Cowan

Hidden Valley - N. Bolger

Juniper - N. Camejo, B. Holmberg

Limitless - L. Romano

Lincoln -

L.R. Green - A. McSweeny, C. Vaithianathan

Maint. & Operations -

Miller - R. Mercado

Mission - G. Smith

North Broadway - W. Malich

Oak Hill - C. Davis

Orange Glen - V. Smith

Pioneer - V. Namaranian

Preschool -

Quantum -

Reidy Creek -

Rincon - J. Aguilar

Rock Springs - L. Andrews

Rose - B. Accurso