FAQs for All Classified Job Applicants

How do I know what jobs I can apply for?

All current job openings can be found on the Human Resources website under the “Job Openings” link. Note there is a separate link for classified job opportunities and certificated job opportunities.

I want to apply for a job vacancy. How can I submit my application?

All applications must be submitted through EdJoin’s online application system. A link on the “Job Openings” webpage will direct you to the EdJoin system, where you can read more about current job opportunities and submit your application by clicking on the link that says “click here to apply”. Keep in mind that neither paper applications nor resumes will be considered in lieu of an EdJoin application.

Can I apply for positions that are not open for recruitment?

Applications for a job must be submitted during the designated application period. If you are interested in a position that is not being recruited for, we encourage you to continue checking the website, as all vacancies are posted for multiple days when they occur.

What is a promotional exam and can I apply for it?

Promotional exams are conducted to allow internal district employees who have passed their initial six-month probationary period with the District the opportunity for job advancement. Applicants who do not work in permanent positions for the District are not allowed to compete in promotional examinations. However, if an insufficient number of internal candidates apply for the position, the recruitment may later be opened to the public.

I work for Escondido Union School District but was told I cannot apply for a promotional exam. Why am I being excluded from the process?

Employees working in temporary positions, unclassified positions or substitute positions are not categorized as permanent employees, and therefore do not meet the criteria for being included in promotional-only examinations. Positions that fall into this category include substitutes, coaches,  and volunteers. However, those who work for the District and are not permanent employees are highly encouraged to apply for recruitments that are not designated as promotional-only.

In addition, new employees with the District must pass the required probationary period before being allowed to apply for a promotional recruitment. (However employees on probation due to a recent promotion, who have already passed an initial probationary period in a previous classification with EUSD, are allowed to participate in promotional recruitments.)

How do I know if I qualify for a position?

The entrance requirements (a.k.a. minimum qualifications) for each position are listed in the online class description. Applicants who appear to meet the established education, experience, and license/certificate requirements are invited to compete in the examination process.

I submitted my application. What happens next?

You should receive an automated email from the online application system confirming the receipt of your application. If you do not receive a confirmation within one hour of submitting your application, please notify Personnel Commission staff so we can verify that your application has been received. After the application deadline has passed, you will be notified regarding whether you are being invited for the first test part and of any materials you may need to bring, such as photo identification or a calculator.

I submitted an application but now my contact information and/or address has changed. What should I do?

It is each candidate’s responsibility to maintain their current contact information on file to ensure exam process notices are received. This requires (1) updating all contact information in the online application system.

I feel I have the experience to perform the duties of the position, but I was disqualified from the process. Why does that happen?

Personnel Commission staff are responsible for reviewing job relevant background education, experience and certifications for each candidate in comparison to the posted entrance requirements. To be considered for a position, it is strongly recommended that candidates include ALL relevant background information that is pertinent to the position, regardless of how long ago the education or experience was earned.

I applied for a position and was disqualified for having an incomplete application. What does that mean?

Candidates are required to fill out the education and experience portions of the job application. Do NOT leave these sections blank. Candidates are NOT permitted to attach a resume in lieu of completing the application.

Why do I have to test?

As a merit system district, we are required to use at least two separately scored examination parts by which candidates are scored. Exam parts are constructed to evaluate the background knowledge, skills and abilities and general job-readiness of each candidate relevant to the job class for which the exam is being run. Typical test parts may include a written multiple choice examination, a training and experience questionnaire/supplemental questions, a performance examination, a writing or computer exercise, and/or a structured interview.

I was invited to an exam but I have a scheduling conflict and am unable to show for testing. Can I schedule a different test time?

Due to limited resources, additional administrations of testing are not guaranteed and are unlikely to be granted.

Suppose I want to apply for two positions. Am I required to submit two separate applications and participate in two separate testing administrations?

You are required to submit an application for each position you want to test for. By using the online application system, you will only need to fill out your profile once and you can then submit applications for multiple positions using the same profile; however, you may need to fill out different supplemental questions for each application. You are required to participate in each test part for any position you apply for. Keep in mind that every position you apply for has a different applicant pool, and it is necessary for candidates to compete against the others from the same applicant pool for each position.

What is the difference between a qualifications appraisal interview and a hiring interview?

A qualifications appraisal interview is conducted with objective raters who are familiar with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a given position, but are not the hiring authority for that position. A qualifications appraisal interview results in a numerical score for each candidate and is considered part of the testing process that leads to the establishment of an eligibility list for a classification. In contrast, a hiring interview is conducted by a hiring authority and includes all candidates in the top 3 ranks of an eligibility list, as well as those on the transfer and voluntary reinstatement lists in order to fill a specific vacancy.

What is an eligibility list and how does it work?

Candidates who pass all test parts of an exam are placed on a ranked eligibility list in order of overall score (i.e. after combination of the scores for each test part). The hiring authority for a given position is allowed to hold a final hiring interview with the top three ranks of candidates on the eligibility list. Keep in mind that it is possible for two or more people to be on the same rank of an eligibility list if they achieve the same final exam score.

I participated in an examination administration and was told there are an insufficient number of candidates to produce three ranks to a hiring authority and that a supplemental recruitment will be administered. What does that mean?

A hiring authority has the right to interview three ranks from an eligibility list before making a hiring selection, and may request a supplemental recruitment to include additional candidates in the testing process if three ranks are not established as a result of an examination process. A supplemental recruitment results in all passing candidates from both examination processes being placed by rank on the same eligibility list. The hiring authority then has the opportunity to make a hiring selection from the top three ranks.

What happens if I am placed onto the eligibility list but am not in the top three ranks?

Your name will remain on the eligibility list for the life of that list and your name will move up in rank as people are hired. For example, if ranked 4th on an eligibility list, once one of the top 3 ranks of an eligibility list is cleared, rank 4 of the list becomes rank 3, and so on. Those in the top 3 ranks when the next vacancy occurs are then automatically included for consideration by the hiring authority.

How long is an eligibility list in effect?

Unless otherwise specified on the job announcement, an eligibility list is in effect for a period of one year. However if the list is exhausted, meaning that less than three ranks remain, a new recruitment may be conducted prior to the one-year mark.

What happens if I am in the top three ranks of an eligibility list, but after interviewing with the hiring authority I am not selected?

Your name will remain on the eligibility list and since you are still in the top three ranks, you will automatically be considered for the next vacancy in the same job class.

I interviewed with the hiring authority and I am waiting to hear if I was selected for the job. Will my references be called?

Please expect that references may be contacted if you are being considered for a position or have been offered a position. 

What happens next?

Before starting in a position, Escondido Union School District requires new employees to successfully complete a background check that includes fingerprint processing and DOJ/FBI criminal history review, participate in a pre-employment physical that includes medical and drug screening, and the submission of negative TB test results. Forms will be provided by staff with additional information regarding this process after an employment offer has been accepted. Documentation verifying identification and employability status, as specified by I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification requirements, are also required. (Documents often used for this purpose include a state-issued driver’s license or passport and a signed social security card.)

What happens if I am offered the opportunity to interview for a position and I turn it down?

Candidates are allowed to turn down two offers to interview and remain ranked on the eligibility list. After turning down a third interview opportunity, a candidate is removed from the eligibility list.

I am on the eligibility list for a classification, but I only want to be considered for full-time positions OR only vacancies at certain school sites. How can I indicate this?

Candidates on an eligibility list who would like to be considered for only certain types of positions can communicate this after being placed onto the eligibility list, at which time your preferences will be recorded. Keep in mind that this will result in your name being automatically skipped when vacancies arise that don’t match your indicated preferences. For example, if a candidate on the eligibility list states an interest in only being considered for positions at five or more hours per day, the candidate will not be contacted or considered when positions at less than five hours per day occur. Candidates may update their preferences as needed while their name remains on the eligibility list.

What does it mean to protest or appeal the results of an exam?

An exam protest may be filed with the Personnel Commission Director by a candidate who feels the testing process was administered in an unfair or biased manner. Once an investigation is conducted by the director and the results of the protest have been determined by the Director, that decision may be appealed to the Personnel Commission.

EUSD is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The district shall not unlawfully discriminate against employees or job applicants on the basis of sex, perceived gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religious creed, national origin, ethnicity, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, family leave, or veteran status. Equal opportunity shall be provided to all employees and applicants in every aspect of personnel policy and practice. The district shall not discriminate against physically or mentally disabled persons who, with reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job in question.