Health & Wellness Resources

EUSD Health Forms

  1. School Health Checkup Requirement Form – California has a law that says all children must have a health checkup within 18 months before first grade or up to 90 days after starting first grade.

  2. Dental Health Form (English & en español) – California law (Education Code Section 49452.8) states that your child must have a dental check-up by May 31 of his/her first year in public school.

  3. Medication Authorization | en español – All students receiving prescription or non-prescription, over-the-counter medication at school require a Medication Authorization and Plan.

EUSD Health Information

  1. Health Care for All Families – information regarding Medi-Cal & Covered California

  2. Lice – Home Interventions | en español  – information regarding the prevention & treatment of head lice

  3. Whooping Cough Immunization Requirement

Parent Health and Wellness Resources

  1. 5210 Everyday Brochure | en español – Simple suggestions for happier, healthier kids and families!

  2. EUSD Healthy Habits – Nutrition | en español – Healthy Eating for the Whole Family

  3. EUSD Healthy Habits – Physical Activity | en español – Being physically active is one of the best things we can do for our health.

  4. EUSD Healthy Habits – Sleep | en español – Six Tips for Perfect Zzz’s!

  5. EUSD Healthy Habits – Stress Management | en español – Helping Your Child Cope with Stress

  6. Military Resources & Foster Youth Resources – Project SUCCESS provides supportive family-centered services for Escondido Union School District students who are military-connected, foster youth, or who are experiencing housing insecurity.

  7. Parent Nutrition Handouts – This site contains numerous printable handouts that you can use with their children.

  8. Parent Toolkit – Nutrition – Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and physical activity can all impact your child’s academic performance. Learn how much they need and how you can support them by choosing your child’s grade level below.

  9. Tips for Parents – Ideas to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Weight  – This page provides answers to some of the questions you may have and provides you with resources to help you keep your family healthy.

  10. EUSD Student Wellness Policy