Prospective job applicants: Why choose EUSD?

You want the best for your career — and so do we. Here are just a few of the advantages that permanent employees enjoy and experience at EUSD:

You’ll get to work with amazing people.

School teachers

EUSD is home to over 1,800 teachers, staff, and administrators who are deeply dedicated to serving the children and families of Escondido. We care about each other; we challenge each other; and together, we love making a difference in our community.

But don’t take our word for it: Others are recognizing how exceptional our people and programs are by honoring them with prestigious awards and recognition — including two San Diego County Teachers of the Year over the past two years!

You’ll have more than a job — you’ll gain a sense of purpose and community.


It goes without saying that everyone who works for a school district is making a difference in the lives of students and their families. At EUSD, we like to go even further by becoming active contributors to the vibrancy of the Escondido community. We volunteer, we host and participate in community events, and we forge meaningful relationships with numerous local and county-wide organizations and non-profits. Working at EUSD doesn’t just make our community stronger — it enriches your life, too.

You’ll have numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

School teachers

If you want to keep your career moving forward, EUSD is the place to be. We invest in your future by offering continuing education, professional development, and career advancement opportunities. All EUSD employees (both classified and certificated) are provided opportunities to learn, collaborate, co-construct, and share with colleagues throughout the district — all with an eye towards delivering the best possible education to our students.

  • Classified Staff receive job-specific trainings, general professional development, as well as opportunities for advancement. Plus, if you want to further your education through a college degree, stipends are available to assist with the cost of tuition.

  • Teachers:

    • Our state-approved induction program, known as NETs (New EUSD Teacher Support), was recognized as exemplary by the state’s Commission on Teacher Credentialing. NETs provides individualized and meaningful collaboration, mentoring, and support for beginning teachers as they work toward the completion of California’s requirements for attaining their Professional Clear Credential. Unlike similar programs at other school districts, NETs is completely no cost, and it was designed in-house specifically for EUSD.

    • All classroom teachers are provided with extensive dedicated time for planning, preparation, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

    • Internship opportunities are available for those who want to serve in Special Education.

You’ll have access to a top-notch benefits package.

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Our benefits are extensive and generous. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance options that are available for you or your entire family

  • Employee life insurance

  • Robust pension plan

The cost of EUSD benefits for full-time employees is often significantly lower than many equivalent private sector benefit programs.

  • All regular employees receive benefits, the cost of which is prorated based on their percentage of full-time equivalency.

  • All classified staff who work five hours per day or more receive full benefits.

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You’ll gain new tools to enhance your health and wellness.

School Teachers in event

Our “Got Health” initiative provides a variety of wellness and fitness programs, including our annual wellness fair, on-site fitness activities, plus options for coaching and reduced-cost gym memberships (available through some of our health insurance plans).

You’ll be supported in ways you never expected.

School Teachers

EUSD is home to a strong network of support programs and professionals that help to actualize the unlimited potential of every learner and provide teachers and staff with invaluable assistance.

All of our schools practice the philosophy of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), which takes a proactive approach to encouraging student safety, wellness, and positive behavior. In support of this initiative, every school has a dedicated family liaison, a full-time social worker, and a full-time nurse. Plus, every middle school has two full-time counselors.

We also have an extensive Family Engagement program which empowers families to become partners in the education of their children through workshops and other innovative offerings. The program is so impressive that it received one of California’s leading educational honors, the Golden Bell Award, in 2017.

You’ll be at the forefront of educational technology and innovation.


At EUSD, we aren’t just technology-rich — we’re educational technology pioneers. Our innovative programs have led to significant gains in student achievement, and we’re proud to say that others have taken notice. For example, educators from as far away as Japan and New Zealand have traveled to EUSD repeatedly over the years to observe and replicate our programs. Even Silicon Valley has recognized our success as EUSD is a four-time recipient of the Apple Distinguished Program award.

Now, we’re extending our lead in technology and innovation through the implementation of our One-to-One Initiative. This exciting program will put an iPad in the hands of every single EUSD student by the 2020-2021 school year. We also equip every certificated employee with a MacBook, and we empower you to make the most of it through workshops, trainings, and a helpful IT support staff.

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