Kara Allegro
Director, Purchasing

(760) 432-2146

(760) 233-4306 fax


Vickie Howe
Senior Buyer
(760) 432-2155


Julie Collins

Senior Buyer
(760) 432-2323


Ramon Zuniga

Assistant Buyer 
(760) 432-2147


Isaac Hernandez

Assistant Buyer 
(760) 432-2147


Purchasing & Contracts


  Maintain the public trust in spending public funds by meeting the highest standard of ethics and performance.


The purchasing department supports every staff member in every department in every division, on every campus, and we do it in one or more capacities every day.  Every activity on campus includes involvement or support from Purchasing, from multi-million dollar construction projects down to daily delivery of mail.

The Purchasing staff handles the District's purchasing, contracting, bidding, asset management, shipping and receiving, copy/printing services, mail services and contracts management.

With regard to Purchasing and Contracting, here is what we do every day:

  • Save the District money, time and risk;

  • Protect the District against liability, fraud and inappropriate business practices; and

  • Procure the right goods or services, at the right time, the right way and at the right price.

Doing Business With the EUSD

The District is continually seeking vendors, suppliers and contractors who can provide quality products and services at competitive prices. Interested businesses may register with the District for contracting opportunities. Additional information can be located in the links below:

California State Licensed Contractors
Please click the links below to obtain information on how to apply to be eligible for the award of EUSD Public Works Contracts.

Looking to bid on a contract worth over $1 Million?  You must be pre-qualified:

Escondido Union School District has contracted with Colbi Technologies to provide a web-based process for prequalification called Quality Bidders. To get started, please visit www.qualitybidders.com, and follow the contractor instructions for creating an account. Note: If your company can not prequalify for more than $1,000,000, please register to be a CUPCCAA Contractor, click here: CUPCCAA Contractor Registration Form We will add you to our Contractor list, you will be notified of upcoming projects.

 Contractor Prequalification Information

 Quality Bidders Contractor Instructions

 List of Pre-Qualified Bidders

CONTRACTORS - DIR registration MUST be renewed by July 1.

Please click here to obtain information on how to renew.