Attending school on time and on a daily basis:

  • Makes a difference in your child’s education and helps to promote social and academic skills.

  • Is vital to ensuring success in school. Good attendance in elementary and middle school is a good predictor that your child will graduate from high school. (California State SARB, 2009)

  • Is an important skill that your child can use throughout his/her life.

To report an absence from school:

  • The parent/guardian should call the school office or school attendance line every day the student is absent, or;

  • The parent/guardian should provide a written note explaining the valid reason for the absence(s), or;

  • The parent/guardian should provide a written note from a physician explaining the valid reason for the absence(s).

Note: All absences must be verified within two (2) days of the student returning to school or the absence is considered an unexcused absence.

For further information about the Escondido Union School District’s attendance policy or to request assistance for your child, please contact:

Maria Osborn, MSW, PPSC
Attendance Intervention Specialist