Mission Parents Leadership

Two Mission Parents Leadership

Hello Mission Families! Our Leadership Committees are always in need of your participation! Join us Now!

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English Language Advisory Council

ELAC is a group of parents who serve to advise the school and make decisions about academic programs and resources available to student who are English Language Learners. By participating in the ELAC Advisory Committee you have the opportunity to work in a mutually supportive partnership with the school to help ELL students achieve academic standards and a supportive environment. By law Mission Middle School is required to maintain a council of parents who focus on these issues.

School Site Council

School Site Council is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who work in collaboration to bring forth improvements to the Single Plan for Student Achievement ( SPSA), Budget, Programs and Resources for all students at Mission Middle School.

Parent Teacher Student Association

PTSA is a group of parents, teachers and students working together in fundraising and creating awareness to support academic achievement for all our Mission Wildcat students!

Safewalk Home Program

Starting Soon!

Safewalk Home is a Volunteer Program working in collaboration with the Escondido Police Department to ensure the safety of our students walking to and from school during "critical hours".

For more information and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact our site's family liaison.