About Us


The mission of the Home Education Program is to provide parents and children in grades kindergarten through eight an alternative form of high-quality, public education.

Parents who choose to home-school have the opportunity to provide an educational plan which meets the unique needs of their child. The Home Education Program provides parents with the necessary textbooks, student and teacher materials and teaching techniques, enabling parents to provide effective home instruction.

The Home Education Supervising Teacher also offers weekly workshops in the subjects of Language Arts (Grades 2-8) and Math (Grades 6-8). The teacher also frequently monitors the work of the students, ensuring that the requirements of a complete educational program, according to standards adopted by the state and school district, are being met. We enjoy monthly field trips and enrichment activities. It's stringent and meaningful, but it's also fun – and free!


We are currently enrolling students. Call or email us today!

Enrollment forms for all students new and returning to EUSD are now completed online.

Attention parents inquiring about Home Education for the first time:

Home Education is a special program for which acceptance is required. Enrollment is not guaranteed. Please call 760-432-2221 to discuss the program and your student before completing these forms. Thank you.