Child Find

If your child is not in a special education program and you suspect there is a disability, please contact your child’s teacher or principal to discuss your concerns. A student may be referred by parents, Comprehensive Student Assistance Team (CSAT), teachers, and other school staff members, doctors, agency staff, or others.

  • If you suspect your child has a disability, and your child is younger than 2 years 10 months of age, please contact the Regional Center of San Diego for an intake interview.

  • If your child is preschool age (starting at 2 year 10 months), please contact our Special Education Preschool Diagnostic Team at 760.432.2179.

  • If your child is kindergarten age, please contact the principal at your child’s public school of residence to discuss your concerns. As a result of discussions about your concerns your child may be referred to the CSAT for additional review.  The CSAT include representatives from general education and special education staff who review student progress and suggest interventions and strategies to assist students within the general education program.  It is highly recommended a CSAT meet to review a student’s progress prior to developing an assessment plan for suspected disabilities.

If you have any questions regarding Child Find activities/requirements, please contact the Special Education Department at 760.432.2179.