School Choice Transfer Applications for 2022-2023

The School Choice application window will reopen April 25, 2022, for the following schools and grade levels only:

  • Limitless Learning Academy, Kindergarten through 8th grade

  • Quantum Academy, 4th grade

Complete the School Choice Application

The application will be open between April 25, 2022, and May 6, 2022. Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. Learn more about Limitless Learning Academy here. Learn more about Quantum Academy here.

About Intradistrict Transfers

  • Typically, students attend the schools that serve the neighborhood attendance areas in which they live. However, EUSD does provide attendance options for parents and students in order to help meet the diverse needs and interests of students within the district. Students may apply for a School Choice Intradistrict Transfer to any school in the district.

  • By law, School Choice Intradistrict Transfers are approved on the basis of space availability at the school(s) of desired attendance. Each year, the district determines each school’s capacity based on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act guidelines, programmatic considerations, and each site’s facilities and staffing. Submitting an application for School Choice does not guarantee enrollment in the desired school(s).

  • A random, unbiased lottery drawing of students who submit an application by May 6, 2022, deadline will be conducted. You will be notified by email in May 2022 regarding the results of the lottery.

  • Your child’s application either will be approved or placed on a waiting list following the School Choice lottery. You will receive notification as to when the wait list is closed for the current school year, and you will be provided information as to how to submit a School Choice application for the following year.

  • All students who already have an approved School Choice transfer on file do not need to reapply. The existing application will continue to be honored, unless the School Choice request was for one year only.

  • A separate application must be completed for each student who is applying for School Choice.

  • A student who has a sibling(s) who is already attending a school of choice must also apply for School Choice and be approved in order to have the siblings attend the same choice school.

  • Students who attend another school under the School Choice option are not provided transportation.

  • If you would like to learn more about a specific EUSD school before submitting your application, you can visit our schools page, or request a school tour.

Have questions or need assistance?

Questions regarding the School Choice Intradistrict Transfer process should be directed to your principal, or to Integrated Student Supports at 760-432-2247. Assistance will be provided at your child’s school to any parent who does not have Internet access.

If you would like information regarding an out of district transfer, please  Interdistrict Transfer page.