Conway is now a K - 6 specialty school that began a transformational journey in 2014-2015 when we partnered with EL Education and set forth on a mission to create a diverse caring environment for deeper learning focused on building community connections and stewardship. Conway is the only school within EUSD to offer the Expeditionary Learning model. In our first two years, we posted a 27-point gain in ELA state testing and we continue to make significant strides in improvement. At Conway, the EL Education model creates lifelong learners that think critically, solve problems creatively, and feel empowered to be agents for change.

Our EPIC vision is transformational through standards based long‐term, in‐depth studies known as Expeditions. At the heart of our project‐based learning experience are expeditions driven by science or social studies standards. Literacy development is embedded into the expedition with learning targets based on the state standards. Each Expedition incorporates the teaching of academic skills, while fostering a genuine love of learning. Expeditions tackle complex topics such as the interdependent relationships of ecosystems, delving into the study of human rights, the sustainability of the monarch, and protecting our local watershed. Students build and refine skills through engaging expeditions, scientific research, observation, collaboration and problem‐solving. Conway classrooms are alive with discovery, inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration.