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Important information for 2014-2015 Elementary Report Cards, Grades 1-5:

Report Card Message for Teachers | Math Information for Report Card | Watch a movie of the process


Student Info Lookup: Log in with your email user name and password, click "Teacher" tab, and select "Student Login Query."

District Assessment Calendar

A. Grading Timeline | B. PowerTeacher QT Movies | C. PowerTeacher Handouts | D. General Questions | E. PowerTeacher Questions | F. PowerTeacher Gradebook Questions | G. Elementary Report Card Information | H. Middle School Report Card Information | Teacher and Admin Demo Site

Grading Timelines for 2015-16

When Finalized Grades are due (end of trimester or end of Progress Report period), grades must be complete by 5:00 p.m.

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  1. PowerTeacher Quick Reference Card--2 pages-covers web gradebook also
  2. PowerTeacher Gradebook 2 Setup
  3. PowerTeacher Gradebook Missing Reports?
  4. PowerTeacher Gradebook: Missing Assignments Count as "0"
  5. Entering Grades in PowerTeacher Gradebook for Elementary Teachers (created by Debbie Seever)
  6. Printing Report Cards (created by Debbie Seever)
  7. Printing Teacher Comments (created by Debbie Seever)
  8. Kinder Comment Bank: PDF | .DOC
  9. EUSD Comment Bank—Single page screen shot of them in order.
  10. Additional Comment Bank (includes those listed in the online Comment Bank): PDF | .xls
  11. Report Card Comment Limits— There is room for 700 characters. This document tells you how you can tell.
  12. Printing Elementary Report Cards Efficiently
  13. Using PowerSchool Teacher - printing reports, finding student info, etc. (updated 11-2-06)
  14. Entering Standards Grades with the Keyboard—It might just save you a little time.
  15. Report Card Backs (English/Español PDFs)
    TK | K | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th
  16. Report Cards - includes K-5 - print just the pages you need - English | Spanish


General Questions

  1. What is PowerSchool?  The Board has approved the implementation of a student information system called PowerSchool.  This web-based system will be used to store all our student and staff information.  PowerSchool will greatly improve our ability to provide information to teachers, parents and administrators and to be able to provide mandated information to the Federal and State government.
  2. Is this system secure?  The biggest risk is when someone opens the system and then leaves it unattended.  If you currently provide students or  parents with your login and password, you will want to change that practice for 2006 – 2007.  We need to prevent unauthorized access to the system.  Do not allow others to have unattended access to your computer or logon information.
  3. How do I get more help?  There are a number of ways to get help with this system:
    1. SCHOOL SITE: TRT, Registrar, Office Manager, and Attendance Clerk have all had various additional training.
    2. WEB PAGE: This FAQ page will answer commonly asked questions. There will handouts and movies available here.
    3. PHONE: Ext.150


Teacher Questions

  1. How does this system impact me as a classroom teacher? PowerSchool will empower you to look up student information, such as parent names, phone numbers, etc., on your classroom or home computer.  You will also be able to print reports or labels for your class.  Each morning, you will open a computer screen to take attendance on line.  The system also offers a gradebook application.
  2. When will I take attendance?  Note: PowerSchool will automatically log out after 15 minutes of no activity. Initial attendance will be completed at the start of your instructional day, just as it is now.  That process should be completed within 15 minutes or so (check with your office if in doubt). Record “tardy” students in the classroom while you are in the process of taking attendance.  Once you have “submitted” your on-line attendance all other attendance processes will be handled by the office.  Do not allow students to enter without a tardy slip.
  3. Do I have to take attendance if all my students are present and on time? Yes. California requires that teachers actively take attendance every day. By default, students are considered present. Therefore, teachers must click "Submit" on the attendance screen in order for attendance to be reported. Do NOT allow students or other helpers to take attendance for you.
  4. What if a child is late?  If you still have PowerSchool available, you can simply mark the child as "Tardy".  If you have moved on to curriculum instruction, ask the child to report to the school office.
  5. What will happen when a substitute visits my class?  Substitutes will be given a simple job aide to use when taking attendance.  They will use a substitute logon that provides very limited access to technology resources.  They will take attendance at the computer with the green PowerSchool sticker.  There is no need for you to provide any of your passwords.
  6. What if my classroom computer is very old?  Principals will make sure that all classrooms have a computer capable of accessing the Internet and running the gradebook application. Currently, classroom computers must be running Mac OS X (10.4.11) or better.
  7. How will I be trained?  There will be handouts and movies available.
  8. How will I take roll if my classroom computer isn't working?  Check with your office for your school's procedure. At many schools, in your emergency backpack you will have a rollsheet. This sheet should be updated at least monthly.  If the sheet is not completely accurate, record changes.  Send the completed attendance to office.
  9. In PowerSchool, after I leave a printing request, how can I just get back to the reports to print without requesting another series of reports? When you open PowerTeacher again, just to the left of the Logout button, there is a little rectangle (a paper w/ the right corner turned down). Click on that opens your Report Queue. Click on the "Completed" blue link and the report will either open up or download to your computer (depending on the browser you are using).


PowerTeacher Gradebook Questions

  1. Do I have to use PowerTeacher Gradebook? All teachers will have to use PowerTeacher Gradebook at least to enter final grades and comments for report cards and progress reports (in lieu of the bubble sheets).  Some schools may require the exclusive use of PowerTeacher Gradebook for grading. See your principal.
  2. Can I post my grades to the Internet for parents to see? For middle school teachers, all grades entered into the gradebook will be visible for parents. If elementary teachers attaches standards to all assignments, those should be visible to parents as well.
  3. Can I have an aide or volunteer log grades for me? You may not give access to PowerSchool or PG to others; it is a violation of the District Acceptable Use Policy. There is not a reduced-privileges login for an aide or student volunteer.
  4. How can I add new students to my gradebook? New students are added automatically to your gradebook once the student is enrolled by the attendance clerk
  5. How can I see dropped students? Go to the class from which they were dropped. Click on the Students tab; at the top look for the Filter by drop-down and choose Dropped to see your dropped students. Click on the Scoresheet tab to look at their grades.
  6. How do I add and format Final Grade Comments? The easiest way to add Final Grade comments is to Control (or right)-click on the final grade for the class you want to enter a comment for and choose Score Inspector. In the ensuing dialog box, you can free type or copy/paste comments that will inherit whatever comment break (space or line) you put in. If you would rather use the Comment Bank, click on its link. Then you will have access to all of the pre-baked comments and it is there where you can choose line-break or space separated comments. Note: line break is the default. After completing one student, use the Up-Down arrows in the top right corner of the Score Inspector.


Elementary PowerSchool Report Card - Info

  • See Grading Timeline above for dates (Panel A).
  • When you enter the gradebook for the first time each year, be sure to set it to the correct school year and trimester before entering anything.
  • The TRT at each site is the contact person.
  • Grades and Comments entered in Final Grades PowerTeacher Web Gradebook (PTG) will transfer to the report card.
  • Comments should be added to the Attendance class in order to appear on the report card.
  • No Assignment grades should be entered by elementary teachers; only Final Grades.
  • Final Grades can be entered at any time.
  • Comments can be added at any time, but won't appear on the report card until grades are stored.
  • Grades are always due by 5 P.M. on the last official day of the Trimester (usually a Friday).


2011-12 Middle School PowerSchool Report Card - Info

  • See Grading Timeline above for dates (Panel A).
  • When you enter the gradebook for the first time each year, be sure to set it to the correct school year and trimester before entering anything.
  • The TRT at each site is the contact person.
  • Comments can be added at any time, but won't appear on the report card until grades are stored.
  • Grades are always due by 5 P.M. on the last official day of the Trimester (usually a Friday).




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