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                    2014-2015 "Believe, Achieve, Succeed!"

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We begin the 2014-2015 school year with the familiar theme “Believe, Achieve, Succeed”.  The foundation of Universal Student Achievement is the belief that all students can achieve.  We will convey that belief to students in order for them to believe in themselves.  We will also utilize student assessment data to determine whether or not students are achieving.  When they are not achieving, we will intervene by reflecting on and modifying our instructional practices.  When they are achieving, we will encourage them to push themselves even further.  Ultimately, it is our collective efforts that will result in student success.  We are motivated by the success of our students.  Our students are motivated when they engage in rigorous and meaningful work that results in a successful outcome.  We will seek to provide frequent opportunities for our students to experience success. 

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All entering 7th graders (2015-2016)
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